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Asset managers worldwide are transforming their front-office to give their fundamental investment teams the ability to be more productive and collaborative, in the office, at home or on the road.
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The adoption of cloud, SaaS-based, and mobile-first systems have been among the biggest catalysts of change, and few processes have been impacted as dramatically as the way fundamental investment teams capture, share, debate, and act on investment research.

In fact, of the investment organizations recently surveyed who are still using internal systems to manage research, 100% percent said their firm would be looking to implement a third-party SaaS-based research management platform in the next two years.

Top three reasons
asset managers list for moving to a modern, SaaS-based system.
50% improved workflow efficiency
44% better data security
39% ensure work-from-anywhere capability
Case study

Global asset manager moves to the cloud, grows user adoption

Picture this… you’re a global asset manager that trades in dozens of countries in all major market regions. Over the last 30 years, you’ve become a highly regarded company with thousands of employees and billions in assets under management.

You invested in an RMS to help your investment team scale efficiency. But no one likes to use it. Not only does it lack a mobile app, other business tools and applications your analysts and PMs use on a daily basis. For what your firm is paying, you’d think they would be investing in modernizing this platform.

So, you turn to Mackey. Since we’re a SaaS platform by design, you have mobile apps and a web client by default. We also set up integrations with your other tools and configure our platform to meet your firm’s unique needs. And because it’s a simple-to-use platform, we’re able to get you up and running quickly.

Now, you’ve got a state-of-the-art research management platform that your analysts love to use. You’re confident that this is a platform that can grow with you into the future – since you can update it to meet any changes in investment process and regulations.

And the mundane, manual tasks your analysts used to have to perform to keep research content organized and accessible have been automated, so everyone has more time to make their best decisions. That’s what happens when you do more of what works.

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Learn how we can help your investment team capture and share internal research more quickly and efficiently – so everyone has more time to make their best decisions.

2021 Investor Survey

Research Management Trends in the Year of a Pandemic

We asked 100 investment practitioners at the one-year anniversary of the pandemic what challenges their investment teams faced while working from home and how the events of 2020 changed front-office technology and workflow requirements.

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