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Pensions, endowments, foundations, and superannuation funds face a combination of investment and governance pressures that shape organizational needs in distinct ways. Different time horizons, funding and risk management priorities, and regulatory frameworks result in subtle yet important requirements that must be supported by the investment research process.

This unique set of criteria means that research management systems must be flexible enough to support a range of internal and external investment management approaches, while providing enough transparency and control to meet heightened regulatory and internal governance requirements.

In fact, in a recent survey of investment professionals, nearly half said that improved compliance tracking was their organizations top priority for improving research management. Improved flexibility and team collaboration also ranked as top priorities.

Top three reasons
investment managers are upgrading to a SaaS-based research management platform.
47% better data security
46% spend less time looking for saved research
46% improved workflow efficiency

Case study

$100 billion pension plan implements modern RMS to get a single, secure view of internal and external managers

Picture this… you’re a $100 billion pension fund using a diverse mix of public market, private market, and multi-asset strategies. You’ve recently completed a multi-year initiative to redesign your operating and data governance model after shifting the majority of your assets from external managers to internal portfolio management groups.

But the research management system your organization is using doesn’t provide the visibility, customization or control you need. Your current system stores your research and has some basic cataloging features, but it isn’t able to support the custom dashboards, templates, and workflows required by your individual teams. Your system also doesn’t let you assign access permissions on a user and team basis, which raises privacy concerns across the organization. So now only 10 percent of your team is using the platform, and you know this won’t work long term.

So, you turn to Mackey. We develop a data migration plan to get all your firm's internal and external research into a single, SaaS-based platform to ensure you get real-time access to all your research content. We also ensure the system gives you individual tear sheets for tracking individual securities and external managers, and we help you build custom workflows to support the unique needs of your internal public, private and credit market teams.

Now, you have a single, modern research management platform that’s flexible enough to support all of your organization’s unique workflow requirements. Your new RMS also allows you to assign access privileges at both the individual and team level, so your teams are now all working within the same platform and no longer concerned about privacy issues.

Plus, that same system tracks all your external manager engagement and performance. Finally, you have 100% control over your investment story. That’s what happens when you do more of what works.

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