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Perspectives on the latest trends impacting investment and research management technology
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ESG regulation on the horizon: Why investors can't ignore ESG transparency

Regulators are demanding more ESG transparency. This article examines how ESG investors can organize research data and workflows to simplify reporting.

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Harnessing artificial intelligence and natural language processing to transform active portfolio management

Will Keuper, VP, product at MackeyRMS, examines the growth of AI- and NLP-powered investment technology and discusses its potential to transform active portfolio management.

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Has the pandemic created a competitive disadvantage for asset managers dependent on legacy research management systems?

Andrew Robson, CEO at MackeyRMS and InsiderScore, examines how the events of the last 18 months may have widened the competitive gap between investment teams using modern technology and those still reliant on legacy systems.

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5 reasons why Australia’s superannuation funds must accelerate operational transformation in 2021

Nathan Walker, sales manager, APAC, examines the key drivers that are accelerating operational transformation for the superannuation fund industry in the year ahead.

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Charting a new path for the hedge fund front office

Will Keuper, VP and head of product, considers how 2020 changed the technology and operations requirements for the hedge fund front office.

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How one company refuses to let the pandemic kill investment productivity

MackeyRMS CEO and Founder, Chris Mackey, sits down for an interview to discuss the origin of the company, our approach to innovation, and how we've helped our investment management clients remain productive and collaborative during the pandemic.

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ESG investing is more than a pandemic-driven bubble, but beware of the responsible investing mirage

It’s not news to say that 2020 has been a watershed year for ESG investing. And while the global pandemic has contributed to record-breaking inflows into ESG funds this year, it is by no means a pandemic-driven bubble. ESG investing is here to stay.

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Three key questions investment teams must answer before a merger

2021 looks poised to become the year of the megamerger for the global investment management industry, and nowhere is the market more active right now than within Australia’s superannuation industry. Our latest article examines three questions investment teams must answer to ensure a smooth transition.

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How the Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way the buy-side front office works

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed the way the investment management front office operates. In the weeks, months, and years ahead, investment teams will have to rethink business continuity plans, redefine the workplace environment, and expand investment in technology and process automation across the enterprise.

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More proof the old way of managing investment research is no longer viable

Dedicated, modern and mobile-friendly research management systems are no longer a nice to have for investment management teams. They're quickly becoming a must have.

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Dispelling the myth that upgrading your research management system will be too painful

Research management systems have for too long been the application in the corner of the buy-side front office that overpromises and underdelivers. Investment management professionals understand that they need technology to help manage their investment research, but most legacy systems are antiquated, slow, and inefficient. Worse yet, these systems are often tolerated too long out because of the belief that upgrading will be too painful.

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10b5-1 Webinar: Follow-Up Q&A

10b5-1 Webinar: Follow-Up Q&A - Insiders’ Opportunistic Use of Rule 10b5-1 Plans and What the SEC Wants to Do About It

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