Hedge funds
Hedge fund managers have undergone constant transformation in recent years as they seek to attract investor capital and deliver outsized returns, while facing increased fee pressure and competition from cheaper passive investment products.
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Achieving success in today’s market requires not only the right investment idea, but also flawless execution. This has led to a greater focus on optimizing the fundamental investment process, and specifically improving the way investment ideas are generated, implemented, and managed within client portfolios.

In fact, of the hedge fund managers recently surveyed who are not using a dedicated research management platform, nearly half said increasing team collaboration on research ideas was a top priority for their firm, 100% percent said their firm would be looking to implement a third-party platform in the next two years.

Top three reasons
hedge fund managers upgrade to a modern research management platform.
44% tighter integration with other investment systems
44% better data security
39% improved workflow efficiency

Case study

Hedge fund with billions in AUM streamlines research management, gains real-time insights

Picture this… you’re a successful employee-owned hedge fund that’s been trading for 25 years. Not only did you survive the 2008 downturn, you’ve also delivered above-average returns every year since your founding.

But, when it comes to research, your analysts aren’t on the same page. Some are using an old RMS that’s clunky and not a true SaaS platform. It stores your research, but it doesn’t show your unique, data-driven research insights the way you need it to. You’ve got another group of analysts using a different research management application, and some analysts aren’t using either. It’s a compliance and collaboration nightmare.

So, you turn to Mackey. We unify your two existing systems onto one secure, SaaS-based platform that is tailored to show different research content views based on which user is logged in. We also help you design workflows to match your research process for all 60,000 securities you invest in globally.

Now, you have one company-wide research management platform that’s powerful, searchable, and updates in real time. Not only can different departments share information more easily, but you also now have a more consistent, repeatable investment process. That’s what happens when you do more of what works.

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