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13 Expert Tips to Help Businesses Maintain Their Mobile Apps
July 1, 2020

Now more than ever it’s important for tech companies to “view mobility as a right and not a privilege,” says our CTO, Hoony Youn, in this Forbes Technology Council roundup of tech leader views on how to deliver maximum value in a mobile app.

Mobile devices and operating systems—as well as consumer habits—don’t exactly have long shelf lives, so releasing a mobile app isn’t the end of a process for a business; on the contrary, it’s just the beginning. What might be a hot app today can be uninstalled tomorrow, so it’s up to a business to maintain its mobile app so that it remains a relevant and useful tool on a user’s mobile device.

How does a company ensure that its app remains indispensable, especially in such a competitive environment? Below, 13 members of Forbes Technology Council share a few essential tips for businesses on how to maintain their mobile apps into the future.

1. Listen closely to what your user community is asking for.

Build in elements that let users tell you what they want next. Barring that, create outside communities—such as Facebook groups—that bring users together to voice their opinions. Community-driven innovation is key to ongoing success. It means everyone is part of the process and the product. - RJ Bardsley, Earnin

2. View mobility as a right, not a privilege.

Build your application development roadmap anchored in the belief that your customers view mobility as a right and not a privilege. By adopting this mindset, you push yourself and your team to think mobile-first at every step in the development process. This ensures you are always looking to leverage the latest mobile platform innovations to keep a dynamic mobile user experience at the core of your product offering. - Hoony Youn, MackeyRMS

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