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13 Things Tech Leaders Need to Do to Prepare for Decentralization
July 1, 2020

With remote working part of the new normal, it's more important than ever that ‘companies boost system and process security’ while investing in ‘training employees to navigate new risks’, says our CTO, Hoony Youn. Here is a Forbes Technology Council checklist for technology leaders to ensure their companies are ready for extended decentralization.

1. Focus on both architecture and culture.

The approach for decentralization is twofold—first the architecture and then the culture. If an organization does not plan these two areas together, the results will be a typical centralized approach and will be inefficient. One aspect of decentralization is agility—giving more control to autonomous teams and creating a frictionless environment. - Asanka Abeysinghe, WSO2, Inc.

2. Ensure consistency with distributed identity.

Decentralization is sweeping across the enterprise with the move to multi-cloud. Distributed architectures require distributed identity. From a security perspective, think beyond centralized notions of identity and consider how to manage fragmented identities and policies across clouds. Unify silos of identity with decentralized identity to ensure consistency and break identity lock-in. - Eric Olden, Strata Identity

3. Remain in control with automation.

“Decentralized” should not mean “out of control.” You still need controls between your crown jewels and your users (both wanted and unexpected). The old medieval castle model didn’t work, but this means there are more perimeters everywhere now. You need automation to keep up and verify you’re only allowing the right access. You’re the mayor of a digital city, not the guard of a stone fort. - Mike Lloyd, RedSeal

4. Take care of risk management.

Assemble a risk management team right now. With decentralization only arriving, it is likely that we are going to face several data crises in the nearest future. And both you and your crisis management team have to be on full alert already. The worst thing that can happen to you now is to be taken by surprise, so do everything possible not to let that happen. - Daria Leshchenko, SupportYourApp Inc.

5. Challenge all assumptions.

Tech leaders must challenge all assumptions that their enterprise makes around trust and identity for IT. Decentralization will disrupt the means by which most firms authenticate identity and control access, as the source will no longer be a predictable indicator of trust. These technologies don’t remove security requirements—instead, they shift responsibility to endpoints, services and data stores. - Andrew Sellers, QOMPLX, Inc.

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