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Brian Williams Appointed as Director of Technical Operations
June 13, 2017

MackeyRMS today announced the appointment of Brian Williams to Director of Technical Operations. Chris Mackey, CEO, made the announcement as part of an ongoing effort to best serve a client roster with nearly one trillion dollars in aggregate AUM.

Brian joined Mackey as a Senior Solutions Consultant in September 2015, and has helped the Company significantly grow its client base by working with prospects on technical requirements, data integrations, and assisting development efforts to improve the platform.  He also brings a deep understanding of the migration path from legacy RMS providers to ensure a smooth experience.

As Director of Technical Operations, Brian will continue leading efforts to understand and liaise the technical and business requirements between clients and internal staff.  Brian’s architecture and development of solutions, management of the infrastructure, and deep understanding of the platform leads to consistent customer satisfaction.

“Brian has been an invaluable asset to our team, and his ascension to a leadership position is a testament to his diligence, dedication and commitment.  He has shown an uncanny ability to help us reach our immediate and long-term business objectives,” said Chris Mackey.

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About MackeyRMS

MackeyRMS is a provider of SaaS-based research management software engineered to optimize the way analysts and portfolio managers generate, share, debate and act on investment research conducted for actively managed portfolios. Relied upon as a single system of record for research supporting the investment process, MackeyRMS is used by many of the world’s leading investment managers to organize key investment workflows, engender trust from investors, and streamline regulatory and compliance oversight. MackeyRMS is used by institutional asset managers and asset owners across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.