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Funds Look Outside for Front-Office Research Management Upgrade
April 27, 2020

Almost all large fund managers will outsource investment research organisation duties to third-party providers within the next two years, a new survey has found.

According to the study commissioned by US-headquartered firm MackeyRMS, about 75 per cent of the 100 asset managers covered in the survey already use a specialist investment research management system, split between outsourced (57 per cent) and home-built (17 per cent) services.

“Among the asset managers that don’t use a dedicated platform today, 96 percent said their firm was likely to extremely likely to evaluate adopting a third-party system in the next 24 months,” the survey says. “All respondents from asset managers who built an in-house system said the same.”

MackeyRMS, which recently established a base in Australia, provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) to fund management firms designed to “optimize the way analysts and portfolio managers generate, share, debate and act on investment research conducted for actively managed portfolios”.

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About MackeyRMS

MackeyRMS is a provider of SaaS-delivered research management software engineered to optimize the way analysts and portfoliomanagers generate, share, debate and act on investment research conducted for actively managed portfolios. Relied upon as a singlesystem of record for research supporting the investment process, MackeyRMS is used by many of the world’s leading investmentmanagers to organize key investment workflows, engender trust from investors, and streamline regulatory and compliance oversight.MackeyRMS is used by institutional asset managers and asset owners across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.