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Joseph Cho Joins MackeyRMS Engineering Team
February 29, 2016

MackeyRMS, the leading provider of highly automated and ultra-mobile research management software to the investment management industry, today announced that Joseph Cho has joined the development team as a Software Engineer. Having a keen eye for new talent, Hoony Youn, Heath Ritchie, and Bob Grudem scouted out Joseph in a Ruby on Rails bootcamp.

Since then, Joseph has played a pivotal role in building a number of key features for MackeyRMS’ largest clients, leading front page web design, and creating a developer presence in New York. Joseph is a rated chess player both online and local tournaments, and in his spare time, he can be found coding on a feature to his passion project

“I consider myself lucky to be considered among the ranks of a team that has so much knowledge and expertise. After finding inspiration from within the company, I’m thankful for the opportunity to contribute to a honest, hardworking business filled with good people.” said Cho.

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About MackeyRMS

MackeyRMS is a provider of SaaS-based research management software engineered to optimize the way analysts and portfolio managers generate, share, debate and act on investment research conducted for actively managed portfolios. Relied upon as a single system of record for research supporting the investment process, MackeyRMS is used by many of the world’s leading investment managers to organize key investment workflows, engender trust from investors, and streamline regulatory and compliance oversight. MackeyRMS is used by institutional asset managers and asset owners across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.