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Nine Business Issues DataOps Can Help Solve
March 11, 2020

DataOps has the potential to transform the way businesses gain insights from their analytics processes. By reducing the cycle time and increasing the quality of the analytics results, DataOps already presents a whole world of opportunity for businesses invested in implementing it.

Given that a lot of business intelligence is based on the quality of analytics that the heads of a company can access, DataOps can help streamline this information, allowing a company to focus more on reaching its goals using the available data. Below, nine contributors to Forbes Technology Council explore some of the key problems that DataOps can address specifically within a business.

1. Identifying Valuable Data

Increases in the volume of collectible data will continue to outpace our ability to turn that data into actionable business intelligence. DataOps can help a company be more selective about which data are captured so that the analytics team can avoid losing time separating good data from bad. Data is not intrinsically valuable—it's what we can do with it that matters. - Ron Cogburn, Exela Technologies

2. Quality Assurance

DataOps can really help our team reduce the time it takes to find bugs and defects in the software that we build. Quality assurance needs to be more data-driven so that bugs can be detected before they even prove to be an issue, and so that we can react quickly to anything. DataOps can allow the communication between teams about bugs to be faster than ever before. - Joshua Davidson,

9. Increased Focus Across The Organization

DataOps delivers insights that help businesses identify where to focus their efforts. As a software provider, when we can understand the application features our customers spend most of their time using, it helps us set development priorities, which reduces turnover. That same data helps sales and marketing better understand and speak to the client pain point, which contributes to revenue growth. - Hoony Youn, MackeyRMS

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