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Tech Pros List 15 Jobs That Should Never Be Automated
September 15, 2020

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning has made it possible for businesses to automate processes and boost productivity in ways that were unheard of even just a few years ago. Technology has made inroads into almost every industry, leading some workers to become nervous about being rendered obsolete.

However, in the end, AI and ML are just tools to support the work that humans do. Further, some jobs and functions require human abilities and qualities that technology simply can’t match. Below, 15 tech industry leaders from Forbes Technology Council list jobs they think will always be best left to human workers.

1. Customer Service

Customer service and customer experience have been revolutionized by automation, which can route inquiries efficiently and improve contact. But there should always be an easy option to have a live conversation. Consumers often want to talk to an expert when faced with high-cost or complex decisions. AI and ML should help consumers connect with the right person if and when they need it, not replace them. - Gregg Johnson, Invoca

2. Business Analysis

Business analysis is a critical role and function inside any business and IT team—it truly balances technology and business requirements. This role will be needed to help ensure that what AI and ML are doing matches the business expectations and requirements. As a people-first role, this is a function that will outlast ML pushes due to its critical nature and business users’ constant changes. - Robert Chapman, 101 Solutions

3. Writing

Writing and all kinds of creative jobs should never and will never be fully automated. The right brain of a human is needed to formulate creative approaches to produce certain outcomes that AI and ML might never be able to compete with. - Afshin Doust, Advanced Intelligent Systems Inc.

4. Design

There have been attempts to automate design, but the best results tend to excel at finding mediocrity. Good design is knowing how to find the right compromise with the rules you need to work with. That is convergent thinking. Great design is recognizing which rules you don’t need to work with. That is divergent thinking. Does AI do that? - Gerhard Pawelka, Cooper Perkins

5. UX Design

User experience design should not be automated. AL, ML and neurolinguistic programming will transform nearly every aspect of business. But artificial intelligence will never be sufficient, in and of itself, in the highly interactive, iterative and nuanced process of designing and enhancing your clients’ experience with your product. To do this well requires a level of understanding, empathy and responsiveness that goes beyond AI’s potential. - Hoony Youn, MackeyRMS

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