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The Next Evolution and Debate in the Cloud
June 12, 2020

The cloud. It’s the buzzword that keeps on buzzing. Years after the concept became a hot topic in mainstream circles among all, it is still the subject of many debates within the financial services industry, and everyone, from the vendors hawking transformative solutions to the leeriest buy-side firms, seems to have an opinion.

That’s not to say that nothing has changed, however. A Refinitiv report last fall predicted that the financial services industry will spend 48% of its collective IT budget on cloud services in 2020, up from 41% in 2019. Around the same time, a survey by IHS Markit and WBR revealed that 80% of buy-side respondents will use the cloud for data management by the end of 2020. Those figures are a far cry from the early days of the cloud, in which tepid adoption rates and cautious technologists dominated the conversation.

“Historically, one of the common misconceptions from the buy side with respect to technology strategy is that the perceived risks of the cloud can outweigh the benefits,” said Hoony Youn, CTO at MackeyRMS, a provider of SaaS-delivered research management software for investment managers. “I think that has changed dramatically over the past few years. As the buy side has embraced the cloud, many of the older perceptions, that the cloud is less reliable and less secure, have proven to be quite the opposite.”

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About MackeyRMS

MackeyRMS is a provider of SaaS-based research management software engineered to optimize the way analysts and portfolio managers generate, share, debate and act on investment research conducted for actively managed portfolios. Relied upon as a single system of record for research supporting the investment process, MackeyRMS is used by many of the world’s leading investment managers to organize key investment workflows, engender trust from investors, and streamline regulatory and compliance oversight. MackeyRMS is used by institutional asset managers and asset owners across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.