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Your research process works, but the systemsyour teams use to manage research don’t.

Mackey gives the world’s leading investment managers an easy way to capture and share internal research in real time – so everyone has more time to make their best decisions. It’s all about doing more of what works.

To do more of what works, you need to be able to find things faster, protect your process, and trust the technology.
Find things faster

Find what you’re looking for in seconds with a highly searchable, centralized database that updates in real time.

Instantly search notes, emails, documents, contacts, calendar events, and more
Auto-tagging engine categorizes content across a number of standard and customizable metadata fields
Full-featured mobile applications give you access to your contacts, content and workflows whether online or off
Find things faster.

Boost productivity with configurable workflows that standardize how your firm’s investment ideas are presented and tracked.

Configure and deploy custom workflows on the go for any group or user
Get real-time updates on workflow activity updates in a single dashboard view
Track internal metrics and be alerted to actionable events within your portfolios
Having the ability to publish, share, debate and act on new research content, from any device, in any location, at any time. That works.
Protect your process

Empower your analysts without changing their processes thanks to a research management platform that has more application integrations than any other provider.

Pull any proprietary or 3rd-party data and analytics source into Mackey
2-way syncing with your team’s favorite productivity tools and note-taking applications
Integrate research workflows with other front-office business and portfolio management applications
Protect your process

Minimize your compliance risk with real-time monitoring and audit capabilities.

Capture a complete view of the full investment story—notes, meetings, time-stamped edits, and more
Control who can access, edit, and export research content
Query content by name, activity, data range, and more to expedite internal audits and regulatory responses
Adding a new data source, building a custom workflow, integrating with another business tool? Sure, that all works.
Trust the technology

Benefit from an intuitive SaaS-based platform created for sophisticated investment organizations.

Robust microservices architecture provides security and agility
Productivity tool add-ins and open API for 2-way sync with business applications ensures maximum flexibility
Functional programming approach ensures stable scalability
Trust the technology

Our team ensures your platform implementation supports your unique workflow requirements.

We import all your historical content, creating notes, tags, and handling for all your file attachments
We ensure all styling, properties, and markup from the original system are kept intact within Mackey
We then apply document versioning, image handling, and title reconciliation rules
Finally, we submit the migration hierarchy for your approval before going live

2021 Investor Survey

Research Management Trends in the Year of a Pandemic

We asked 100 investment practitioners at the one-year anniversary of the pandemic what challenges their investment teams faced while working from home and how the events of 2020 changed front-office technology and workflow requirements.

Download the full report now to read what they said.


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