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Investment, compliance, operations and technology teams at the world’s leading investment management organizations trust Mackey to help them capture and share internal research in real time – so everyone has more time to make their best decisions. It’s all about doing more of what works.

That feeling when you’re sitting on months of research content with no way to search through it efficiently.
That doesn't work.

Getting 100% visibility into and control over the investment story. That works.That works.

Investment teams

Use Mackey to streamline research workflows and improve productivity and collaboration.

Because all your research content is finally in one place where you can easily search for what you need in real time and from any device.


Spending all your time tracking down which tools and folders are being used to create and store investment research? That’s not going to work.

Having access to a single source of truth for your investment team’s research.That works.

Compliance teams

Use Mackey to improve supervision, simplify internal audits and respond to regulators faster.

Because now you have a database that is indexed and optimized for real-time monitoring and smarter searching.


That other system requiring your team to change its investment process? How’s that working out?

Automating your investment process without adding extra steps or worrying something gets missed. That works.

Operations teams

Use Mackey to create standardized and repeatable research management workflows that fit your firm's investment process.

Because now you have a platform that’s flexible enough to integrate with all your business tools and applications for improved efficiency and control over your investment IP.


Allocating too many resources to collect and store your firm’s research in outdated and hard to use systems? That doesn’t work.

A system that aggregates all your research content as seamlessly as it integrates with your other business applications. That works.

Technology teams

Use Mackey to ensure investment research is accessible on any device, from any location and can be shared across teams and other applications in real-time.

Because now you have a SaaS-based, work from-anywhere research management system that seamlessly integrates into your front-office enterprise platform.


Maximum usability
for maximum alpha

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